Nowaday, we encounter the word design everywhere, so much that,everything from an accessory we use in the decoration of our home. Design has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.The characteristics and important factor that have made the carpets of this land world famous are their pleasant, varied and unique design. Each Persian carpet has a design of its own, so that thousands of fascinating designs can be seen in the whole range of Persian carpets, each being very beautiful and possessing perfect harmony.
When the Persian artist, gifted with very good taste, came into contact with the culture and arts of newsettlers in the country and also with the culture and arts of those who invaded this country, they selected the designs which were most appealing and pleasing and incorporated them in their national designs. Thus, with the presentation of all the designs, the original ones and those introduced later, the artists were able to raise the art of carpet designing to its highest level.
The joint efforts of these designers together with the work of experienced dyers and the silk of artistic and patient weavers eventually resulted in the production of a most beautiful and glorious creation the "Persian Carpet". The durability and unique fineness of Persian rugs and carpets, together with the special quality of the wool used and the brilliant fast colours gave Persian carpets their world wide reputation and placed them on the throne of the carpet art and industry.
Progress towards the perfection of the designs of Persian carpets was gradual. According to historical evidence, the designs prior to the Safavid dynasty were all geometrical. During this period, the art of carpet design, like other fine arts, reached perfection. It must also be stressed that at the same time the motifs portrayed on the tiles of the buildings, the forms' worked on the plaster-mouldings and the designs of the carpets influenced and enriched each other.
The attractive designs of Persian carpets and the harmonious dyes have for many years been accepted by all those interested in carpets. Today, most of the carpet weaving centres in the world, fully aware of this universal acceptance, weave their carpets with Persian designs and do not make much effort to present new designs, as they feel that they cannot improve on the existing ones. The BIG RUG ART company including many carpet designers, graphic designers,and decorator designers  that have a new and especial design for your home or your area. In this step we show you classification of the persian carpet on the base of the design that we can be do it .

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