These rugs are relatively coarse and durable. However, one can also find decorative and beautiful carpets with interesting and pleasant designs made of natural and brilliant colours, either those woven for Bakhtiari tribal .
The dyers often prefer to use natural colours to dye the fibres of the carpet. Their preference for the background is mostly red, blue, green, golden yellow, turquoise, dark blue and brown.
Important centres for carpets weaving in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari are Shahr-e-Kord (main centre of the province situated one hundred and seven kilometres South-west of Esfahan) and the surrounding villages, Chal-shotor, Sarnan, Shalarnzar, the town of Borujen and the depending villages such as Bolda]i, and Faradonbe. In these localities, in addition to the mosaic designs, rugs with Esfahan motifs are also woven.
Owlad, a tribe of the Lors, (South-west of the Bakhtiar district) weaves medium low-priced carpets in mosaic designs whereas another nomadic tribe of the Lors named Yalmeh produce medium fine rugs. The sizes are from the smallest (Poshti) up to eight square metres.
There is a great difference and a complete contrast in the geometrical designs with Bakhtiari patterns woven in Yalmeh. Their style is similar to that of the Ghasgha'i rugs. Yalmeh rugs are generally traded in the Esfahan and Shahreza markets. Occasionally they are classified as Shiraz rugs.

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