The most important factor in maintaining and preserving carpets is to keep them clean. Dirt and contamination not only diminish their beauty and appearance but also cause damage to them. It's obvious that carpets with a light background and high pile or those that are exposed to dirt and wear need to be cleaned more often.

The best way to get rid of dust, grit and dirt is to clean the carpets with normal hand brooms.

Although this method takes a long time, still this is the one that we recommend. Powerful  vacuum cleaners with rotary brushes should not be used to clean the rugs as these many loosen the knots and cause them to be used. It's also recommended to use a vacuum cleaner with a beater on the back of the rug, once every few months. By this method all the grit, and the dust can be

Water and humidity can cause damage to a carpet. Whatever the cause may be, on this occasion the steps which should be taken at once are: with a towel,or a non-dyed cloth sponge the excess water until completely absorbed on both sides. Then this area should be dried with a hair-dryer, the heat of which should not be strong; or it should be exposed to a moderate sun. After this process, by rubbing with fingers, the pile of the wet carpet can be reset to its previous position. If tea, coffee, juices, alcohol, shoe polish or any greasy substance stains a carpet, the first step is to absorb it immediately with a non-dyed cloth, blotting paper or tissue paper. Sponging with wool or silk and a compatible solution for removing the specific substance (tea, wine, and grease) should be done till the colouring substance has been wiped off. Each of the stains has a different technique for removing it. Many common substances are best removed from rugs and carpets with the following methods:
a)     Soft drinks, milk, coffee, tea, alcohol and chocolate can be removed by a mixture of warm water and soap or non-alkaline detergents.
b)     Eggs and bloodstains can be removed with mixture of salt, non alkaline detergent  and warm water.
c)     Human and animal urine is best removed with white vinegar with warm water.
Clean grease, shoe polish and fatty substances with non-alkaline detergent and white vinegar.
When fat spills on a carpet, it should be first gathered with a spoon, then a piece of non-dyed cloth of white blotting paper should be over it and pressed slightly with hot iron. With this method the fat is absorbed.
In a house covered with rugs keeping domestic animals, especially if they are not trained provide a serious problem to the carpet. The acid and pollution existing in urine and residue affect chemically the fibres of the rug and alters the colours of the wool hence
rotting the foundation. Most cats love oriental rugs.     .
They sharpen their claws by thrusting them into the fibres and play with the fringes of the rug thus pulling them out. It is therefore recommended into keep the untrained pets away from rugs. If damaged, the rug should be cleaned and repaired immediately.

Ten recommendations

1.    Keep the carpet protected from sunrays by heavy curtains or shutters.
2.    No object that is damp or likely to cause dampness should be places on the carpet.
3. To prevent localised wear and tear, occasionally move or turn the carpet so that the normal pattern of    traffic is spread uniformly over different parts of the carpet.
4. Carpets should not be spread under doors. The lack of space between the bottom of the door and the carpet can cause the carpet to fold and suffer excessive wear and tear.
5. On hard surfaces such as marble or linoleum thecarpet should have an underlay or padding made of polyester to prevent sliding of the carpet, especially silk ones.
6. The runners that are placed on stairs must be fixed on both sides with metal rods to prevent them from sliding. Once in while the runners should be pulled by a few centimetres up or down to ensure uniform wear and tear.
7. If the carpet is spread over stone surface or on mosaic, it should be ensured that the Joints are not sharp and uneven
8. The leg of a chair, sofa, table or any other heavy item of furniture damages the pile of the carpet. A small piece of linoleum, wood or other similar type of material should be put under the legs of these objects to protect wear and tear of the carpet.
9.     The portion of the carpet that remains under the bed or under any other piece of
furniture should be frequently exposed to sunlight and fresh air, as the lack of these might lead to growth of moths.
10. Keep the carpet clean. It's the most important recommendation. Cleanliness ensures
longevity and perfect form.

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