Thanks to emails and or some  social networks, Some of you might have encountered a photo  which shows a room with an Iranian air show and decorated by a carpet furnished bed and some beautiful Iranian rugs .You smile and enjoy viewing such a beauty but when you read the attachment of this photo, you will counter a few minutes paradoxical.. You will be excited and will swallow this photo putting more time with grace because you have just understood that what you are looking at the photo of  "Freud's" room  , Great physiologist. The person whose translation of his books and essays are the honor of psycho-analysis and psychology of most countries including Iran whilst for him, Iranian  "Eslimi ha" and " Khatayi ha" of his geometrical  designs of the carpets were  full of joy and peace! What is this story that the photo has been delivered hand to hand?   In 2008, a documentary film named "Flying Carpet" was made directed by Dr. "Jonmario Girlo" and prepared by  " Hooman Atiyabi" with cooperation of Portugal and Lisbon Art University of Culture and Art Organization with the intent of long friendship of Iran-Portugal. In one of the locations looking for Iranian Carpet art was Frued's psycho- analysis room in London. And it was after the film that this picture was opened into media.

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