Ultra carpet exhibition with Ego and Super ego perfomance in "Theme" Gallery

Sepanj has started an artistic project recently and go along with it. This project is about paintings, carpets and Freud. As I am saying in this way it seems somehow vague. Therefore, I am going to explain whatever it is. In this project there is an exhibition about carpets which have paintings on them with carpet’s motifs. Also there


are some original paintings about carpet within some deep meanings with motifs. The artist of this part, the painter I mean is Miss Maryam Taheri who has been working on carpet designs for years. The exhibition is called Ultra Carpet.

There is another part within the exhibition which has took place with the opening. This part was a theatre Performance about Freud’s psychoanalysis style that can be connected to the carpets and weaving which can be understood in the performance. Mr Mahdiar Pirzadeh is the director of the performance and curator of the whole project.

In 26th of October the opening was with so much delightfulness and greetings from great people of art who attended as the masters. Mr Mohsen Mohseni an experienced person who is with lots of years working in different branches of Iran Carpet Company in different parts of Iran as the master of carpet design. He is Miss Taheri’s teacher and her coach who has registered Kashan’s carpet in Unesco and managed carpet fair in New York. He rang the bell and opened Ultra Carpet fair.

To know more about the paintings I can explain that , paintings want to show that the motifs in the carpets are based on whatever that those weavers see in the nature. They somehow simplified those things in the form of motifs in the carpets. Also, even those motifs carry some meanings which their costumes have for them. And the carpets have been woven with those meanings.

Executive team;

Artist: Maryam taheri
Curator&director: Mahdiar Pirzadeh
International segment: Tina Jamali
Camera: Masoud Saatsaz - Saeed Rad
Edit: Saeed Rad
Performing location: THEME GALLERY

Tehran - Iran - 2018







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