Flying Carpet story

  Hooman Atiyabi the Iranian international movie producer tells us about his experience regarding making movie called “Flying Carpet” in London, Freud museum. 

  This is a film about Iranian carpets travel to Europe in the pass of time, but why you will find a location like Freud house, he was a famous psychologist, so it seems there was no link between Art and psychology, and at the following passage you can see the reason of existence this scene in this movie.

  Entering to Freud hose is like joining to a party from the heart of history, the guests are belonging to various era of human civilization, you see books, statues, symbols and other type of human hand made craft from many of nations, furniture design is so simple and indicate the aesthetics sense of owner and has a good harmony together, but Iranian carpet was so interesting and unique, the Qashqai rug was laying on the patient special and famous sofa of Freud, he was using this carpet for healing.

  Based on Freud theory, he believed to Mother Nature and linked some special features to it; one of them was the energy of Mother Nature, who is in interconnection with the energy of human psyche, and this type of energy is cause of much type humanity action and face of personality, so Mother Nature energy is very important with strong effects, Iranian carpet is completely natural, all cotton are from the sheep, all color are herbal, viewers are from tribes who live in fields and mountains, all motifs came from a nation culture and history, and finally in sight of Freud, Iranian carpet is a complete model of Mother Nature in present time with all its hidden and apparent energy, he believed this type of energy would came out from the carpet and transfer to patient body and cause the deeps psyche layers go to the higher levels and in another way, this type of power will help to shifting from unconscious to conscious.

  After finishing the film, I can’t forget the Freud theory, and always I think, we can find pure feeling and eternity in every knot of Persian Carpet, laying on the Iranian Carpet can carry you to the deepest sense of human being in history of life.


  Hooman Atiyabi

  London, 2008

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