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      About Us

      Xuchang Hengsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 January, was formally established in 2007January, is located in the fine chemical industry park of Xuchang County of Henan Province, is a collection of solid preparation, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates of pharmaceutical product development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. The company leading product of manidipine hydrochloride raw material drug and tablet is the company owned by the development, is the first through the 3.1 category of newnational acceptance, to fill the domestic blank.

      The company covers an area of 26680 square meters, has advanced hardware and software test facility, has been built in accordance with the GMP standard API synthesis workshop and solid preparation workshop two buildings,production equipment and testing instruments are available.

      Since the establishment of the company, in a bold innovation, the courage to explore leadership under the leadership of enterprises, attaches great importance to technical innovation. With the total number of workers 21%technical personnel of the R & D team, and China Medicine University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, and Zhengzhou University, Jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. and other researchunits and colleges set up to my company as the main units, in technology research and development, incubation,industrialization projects as the carrier, R & D projects determined by the enterprises Engineering Research Center, make full use of technical force, to provide the energy for the development of the company Everfount.

      Companies focus on shaping the "dedication, unity, pragmatic, innovative" spirit of enterprise, establish modern enterprise operation mechanism and improve the new, and in strict accordance with the modern enterprise management mode of operation, the implementation of the board of directors under the leadership of general manager responsibility system, establish and improve various rules and regulations and quality assurance system.

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